[opus] Question for members on using OPUS with Bluetooth

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at xiph.org
Wed Apr 16 16:12:14 PDT 2014

Robert Bean wrote:
> This is my first post to the OPUS group but I would like to find out if
> anyone is using OPUS over Bluetooth?  If so, I have some follow-up
> questions on the implementation strategies that have been used.

I know some people have looked at it (see, e.g., 
and I believe a couple of companies make wireless products using either 
Opus or (old versions of) CELT, though I don't have handy references.

> Is anyone using OPUS over A2DP?  Is it possible for off-the-shelf OPUS
> bluetooth devices manufactured by different companies to be compatible
> with each other?  If so, which A2DP Audio Codec ID is being used?  For
> this, do you use the 'Non-A2DP' ID, or is there an OPUS ID?

The place to find codec IDs for A2DP is 
(the list in the spec will never be updated, even in future revisions of 
the spec, according to Section 4.2).

I don't know of anyone who has written down a spec for the Codec 
Specific Information Element or Media Packet Header Requirements, but I 
don't think those would be hard to do.

That page also quotes the relevant text from the spec on the process for 
upgrading a codec from "Vendor Specific" to "Optional", which does not 
seem that difficult (basically, you have to convince one other party to 
implement it, write up a test plan for a test that would demonstrate the 
two of you interoperate, and then do the test for the Architecture 
Review Board.

But until someone does that, I think you are stuck using the Non-A2DP ID.

> I'm not sure if this topic is better addressed with the Bluetooth SIG

Probably a good idea to raise it there, too. I don't know anything about 
Bluetooth beyond what can be learned in 5 minutes reading the specs.

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