[opus] Question for members on using OPUS with Bluetooth

Robert Thomas Hayes Link rl at robertlink.org
Wed Apr 16 16:37:42 PDT 2014

Can BT be made reasonably secure? Cost effectively? RL

> Robert Bean wrote:
>> This is my first post to the OPUS group but I would like to find out
>> if
>> anyone is using OPUS over Bluetooth?  If so, I have some follow-up
>> questions on the implementation strategies that have been used.
> I know some people have looked at it (see, e.g.,
> <http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19567435/can-any-other-codec-be-used-instead-of-sbc-in-bluez-bluetooth-stack>),
> and I believe a couple of companies make wireless products using
> either
> Opus or (old versions of) CELT, though I don't have handy references.
>> Is anyone using OPUS over A2DP?  Is it possible for off-the-shelf
>> bluetooth devices manufactured by different companies to be
>> compatible
>> with each other?  If so, which A2DP Audio Codec ID is being used?
>> For
>> this, do you use the 'Non-A2DP' ID, or is there an OPUS ID?
> The place to find codec IDs for A2DP is
> <https://www.bluetooth.org/en-us/specification/assigned-numbers/audio-video>
> (the list in the spec will never be updated, even in future revisions
> of
> the spec, according to Section 4.2).
> I don't know of anyone who has written down a spec for the Codec
> Specific Information Element or Media Packet Header Requirements, but
> I
> don't think those would be hard to do.
> That page also quotes the relevant text from the spec on the process
> for
> upgrading a codec from "Vendor Specific" to "Optional", which does not
> seem that difficult (basically, you have to convince one other party
> to
> implement it, write up a test plan for a test that would demonstrate
> the
> two of you interoperate, and then do the test for the Architecture
> Review Board.
> But until someone does that, I think you are stuck using the Non-A2DP
> ID.
>> I'm not sure if this topic is better addressed with the Bluetooth
>> SIG
> Probably a good idea to raise it there, too. I don't know anything
> about
> Bluetooth beyond what can be learned in 5 minutes reading the specs.
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