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Stuart Marsden stuartmarsden at finmars.co.uk
Sun Dec 22 02:17:28 PST 2013

I thought I would run the same benchmarks on my PC that I have been running
on my Pi. This is a very different beast as it is a i7-4770 with 4 cores (8
with hyperthreading) and 16GB RAM.

This is a bit academic as any x86 PC in the last 10 years can encode very
quickly and unless you are converting a huge catalogue you will not notice
a small change in speed.

That being said I wanted to see if the speed changes I saw on the Pi were
reflected on the PC as well. In short they seem to be. It is a mixed bag
for 1.1 which is faster at some bitrates only on some complexities. Overall
it is slower than 1.0.3 or even 0.9.14.

Again on a PC it is probably worth it for the new features and quality
improvement but just thought I would show it.

As it went so fast I had to change how I got the speed. I now measure
elapsed time in seconds to complete. This flips the graphs from my other
benchmarks as lower is now faster. I am re-running this on the PI as well
so they are consistent but it will take another 24 hours to complete.

As the PC is so fast I ran at 6, 16, 24, 32, 64, 96 and 128kbps.

The charts can all be seen here:

Next music and then I will try fixed point.

Best Regards,

Stuart Marsden

Tactical Communications Consultant
FinMars Consulting Ltd
UK: +441865589833
Finland: +358453046287
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