[CELT-dev] Modifications of kiss_fft/compatibility with original kiss_fft code?

Frank Storm Frank.Storm at gmx.net
Sun Feb 20 09:54:24 PST 2011


some time ago I compiled celt (version 0.7.0) on a NiosII processor (for
those who don't know the NiosII, this is a soft core processor for FPGAs
from Altera) which worked pretty well. In order to take away some of the
processing load from the processor, I have now developed a FFT
co-processor which is basically compatible to the original kiss_fft
algorithm. Before I start now to integrate my co-processor into the celt
code, I would like to check whether the changes, that were made to the
original kiss_fft code, change the actual behaviour of the kiss_fft
function or whether they were only made for speed improvement or
cosmetic reasons. In other words, could I still replace the functions
"kiss_fft_alloc" and "kiss_fft" with the original code (apart from the
fact that there are now functions for the inverse transformation in celt)?

Many thanks and best regards,

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