[CELT-dev] Can I use VBR option to change byte_per_packet dynamically ?

selami tastan selami-tastan at windowslive.com
Fri Apr 15 00:45:38 PDT 2011

Hi,I have been trying some different sample rate and bitrate combinations to get a feel for how CELT behaves,too, like Andrew Lentvorski.  But I want to use VBR option.I want to ask a question about VBR in CELT codec.Can we use VBR option in CELT ??? "byte_per_packet"  variable in code means constant bit rate, does not it ?In this code : bytes_per_packet is constant.len = celt_encode(enc, in_short, frame_size, data, bytes_per_packet);....."len" is equal "bte_per_packet" evey time.
celt_encoder_ctl(st, CELT_SET_VBR(1);celt_encoder_ctl(st, CELT_SET_VBR_CONSTRAINT(0);May I write two lines codes to active VBR ?Selami Tastan 		 	   		  
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