[CELT-dev] Compile a fixed-point version of CELT on TI C55 DSP ?

selami tastan selami-tastan at windowslive.com
Wed Apr 27 08:24:13 PDT 2011

Hi ,
I want to test  a fixed-point version of CELT on TI C55x DSP. I create a config.h file that defines all the features that CCS compiler. This is right ???Can anyone only  write any example codes (conf  .h file) for that issue  ?In my opinion, I can not compile CELT on TI C55 because of memory allocation. Can anyone help ???

#define CELT_BUILD            1
/* Version extra */#define CELT_EXTRA_VERSION ""
/* Version major */#define CELT_MAJOR_VERSION 0 /* Version micro */#define CELT_MICRO_VERSION 2
/* Version minor */#define CELT_MINOR_VERSION 5
/* Complete version string */#define CELT_VERSION "0.6.0"
//#define restrict #define INLINE	inline#define inline  inline
#define USE_ALLOCA            1
/* Enable support for TI C55X DSP */#define CONFIG_TI_C55X
/* Comment out the next line for floating-point code */#define FIXED_POINT           1
#define OPUS_BUILD            1
/* Get rid of the CELT VS compile warnings */
/* We don't support visibility on Win32 */#define EXPORT

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