[CELT-dev] adding celt support to netjack some questions.

"Alexander Carôt" alexander_carot at gmx.net
Tue Nov 25 08:04:19 PST 2008

> There's just one problem in that I'm not sure what to do about
> ambiguities. For
> example, is a 768-sample pseudo-frame 2*384 or is it 3*256?

I personally look at audio blocks in terms of the power of two, the same as audio devices typically capture in 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc. sample blocks.

Hence I would base further calculations on that --> i.e. 768 sample pseudo frame = 3*256 capture frames.

At least this is my personal opinion about this ambiguity.


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> > well primarily... i am doing something different.
> > i am clocking a jack server on a slave machine, to the soundcard on the
> > master machine. the main use case is ethernet, where a second computer
> > can be dedicated to number crunching.
> > and its not even required to have a soundcard.
> Still sounds similar to what you would do with PulseAudio when you run a
> sound
> application remotely and want to listen to the output locally.
>    Jean-Marc
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