[ogg-dev] status of oggpcm?

Silvia Pfeiffer silvia at silvia-pfeiffer.de
Thu Aug 25 14:52:00 PDT 2011

The DirectShow filter used to have code for oggpcm,
http://xiph.org/dshow/ . I am not sure if it's still there though.

On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 6:29 AM, Kipp Cannon <kcannon at cita.utoronto.ca> wrote:
> Hi All,
> What is the status of the oggpcm project?
> I'm investigation solutions to the following problem:  losslessly encode
> double-precision mutli-channel timeseries data in a format that is
> compatible with free (libre) internet streaming technologies and that
> permits diverse metadata to be encoded with the stream.  flac isn't
> suitable because it only supports integer data, lossy encodings are not
> suitable because they're lossy.  .wav files support lossless double
> precision data but I don't know if there are ways to stream data in that
> format over the internet, and anyway they don't provide a mechanism for
> encoding the diversity of metadata I'm looking to store.  The data stream
> is collected as part of a scientific experiement and we'll want to be able
> to encode information about the instruments that collected it and
> additional information not normally associated with audio data like what
> units it has.
> oggpcm appears to be perfect:  my understanding that it should be able to
> provide lossless double-precision storage and (I assume) can be
> multiplexed into an ogg container stream along with other oggpcm streams
> and metadata streams and send over the internet.
> But I can't find any code associated with the project.  Is there any?
> When might someone expect to see a liboggpcm?  Thanks,
>                                                        -Kipp
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