[ogg-dev] status of oggpcm?

Kipp Cannon kcannon at cita.utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 25 13:29:49 PDT 2011

Hi All,

What is the status of the oggpcm project?

I'm investigation solutions to the following problem:  losslessly encode 
double-precision mutli-channel timeseries data in a format that is 
compatible with free (libre) internet streaming technologies and that 
permits diverse metadata to be encoded with the stream.  flac isn't 
suitable because it only supports integer data, lossy encodings are not 
suitable because they're lossy.  .wav files support lossless double 
precision data but I don't know if there are ways to stream data in that 
format over the internet, and anyway they don't provide a mechanism for 
encoding the diversity of metadata I'm looking to store.  The data stream 
is collected as part of a scientific experiement and we'll want to be able 
to encode information about the instruments that collected it and 
additional information not normally associated with audio data like what 
units it has.

oggpcm appears to be perfect:  my understanding that it should be able to 
provide lossless double-precision storage and (I assume) can be 
multiplexed into an ogg container stream along with other oggpcm streams 
and metadata streams and send over the internet.

But I can't find any code associated with the project.  Is there any? 
When might someone expect to see a liboggpcm?  Thanks,


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