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> > As written on my subject, is it possible to do on-the-fly video
> > multiplexing with OGG? I'm doing my final project in my college, and i
> > want to build a system which has three live videos from cameras, then
> > i want to transmit those video in single stream. The Receiver can
> > choose which video that receiver want to see.
> It is certainly possible. You'll have to be wary of the latency which
> might be introduced (eg, waiting for each video stream to have a
> page ready, before being able to decide wich to output to the output
> stream first). Also, bear in mind that your stream will obviously have
> three times the bitrate of a single one.
> > I tried using oggz and piping in linux, but it no works.
> You'll have to be more explicit than this if you want answers/suggestions.
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just curious,
How about sending 3 stream. client end  can select which steam to watch at a
time. Or they can watch 3 steams at time as per there wish.
Not able to get the advantage in bundling streams,

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