[ogg-dev] On-the-Fly multiplexing Video

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Sun Mar 21 08:32:27 PDT 2010

> As written on my subject, is it possible to do on-the-fly video
> multiplexing with OGG? I'm doing my final project in my college, and i
> want to build a system which has three live videos from cameras, then
> i want to transmit those video in single stream. The Receiver can
> choose which video that receiver want to see.

It is certainly possible. You'll have to be wary of the latency which
might be introduced (eg, waiting for each video stream to have a
page ready, before being able to decide wich to output to the output
stream first). Also, bear in mind that your stream will obviously have
three times the bitrate of a single one.

> I tried using oggz and piping in linux, but it no works.

You'll have to be more explicit than this if you want answers/suggestions.

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