[ogg-dev] Fwd: Vorbis-java wav-ogg encoder produces distorted OGG file

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So to which group should I foward my question? I thought this was the most
appropriate of them all. Please guide me

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 8:59 PM, Monty Montgomery <monty at xiph.org> wrote:

> I have the impression only a small piece of this conversation is being
> forwarded to ogg-dev.  We can't answer questions when we have no idea
> what's going on :-)
> >> no,   But I will say that tools wise, I have content that does not
> encode
> >> with xiph and does with ffmpeg.  So roughly my tool recommendation is:
> >> oggenc2 -o trek2.ogg trek2.wav
> >> ffmpeg -y -threads 16 -s 1280x544 -r 23.976 -i
> trek.1280x544_24Hz_P420.yuv
> >> -b 2000000 -vcodec libtheora -an trek.ogv
> >> oggz-merge trek2.ogg trek.ogv -o trek2.ogv
> >> ffmpeg is not good with the audio or muxing
> ffmpeg will also screw up the video
> >> xiph is not good at video
> that ffmpeg command line is telling ffmpeg *not* to use its internal
> video, but to use the external xiph encoder (libtheora) instead.  In
> fact, ffmpeg's internal ogg and theora support is somewhat broken
> across the board.  Our ffmpeg2theora application uses ffmpeg for
> everything *except* the ogg production.
> Again, can't help only seeing a handful of the messages.
> Monty

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