[ogg-dev] How to fix broken ogg/theora files

Oliver Frommel ofrommel at linuxnewmedia.de
Tue Nov 11 07:35:13 PST 2008

Hello there,

we are among the last people to actually make use of the Ogg/Theora
format. Ok, just kidding, but in fact we do live and archival streaming
of various IT conferences. You can take a look at some here if you are
interested: https://streaming.linux-magazin.de/en

We are using several tools for live streaming, recording and editing
Theora streams, among them ffmpeg2theora and oggCut from oggvideotools

Now unfortunately many files are broken, either from interrupting the
recording or cutting.

Examples of error messages follow:
$ oggz-validate jnazario.ogg
jnazario.ogg: Error:
00:55:27.957: serialno 0846930886: Packet out of order (previous
01:05:09.077: serialno 0846930886: Packet out of order (previous

Are there any tools that can reliably fix broken Ogg/Theora files?
What's to be done to create such a tool if there is none yet?

Thanks for your help

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