[ogg-dev] How to fix broken ogg/theora files

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Wed Nov 12 00:30:52 PST 2008

2008/11/12 Oliver Frommel <ofrommel at linuxnewmedia.de>:
> Hello there,
> we are among the last people to actually make use of the Ogg/Theora
> format. Ok, just kidding, but in fact we do live and archival streaming
> of various IT conferences. You can take a look at some here if you are
> interested: https://streaming.linux-magazin.de/en
> We are using several tools for live streaming, recording and editing
> Theora streams, among them ffmpeg2theora and oggCut from oggvideotools
> (http://dev.streamnik.de/oggvideotools.html).
> Now unfortunately many files are broken, either from interrupting the
> recording or cutting.
> Examples of error messages follow:
> $ oggz-validate jnazario.ogg
> jnazario.ogg: Error:
> 00:55:27.957: serialno 0846930886: Packet out of order (previous
> 00:55:27.960)
> 01:05:09.077: serialno 0846930886: Packet out of order (previous
> 01:05:09.080)
> Are there any tools that can reliably fix broken Ogg/Theora files?
> What's to be done to create such a tool if there is none yet?


for that particular error (packets out of order), oggz-sort should be
able to fix the files for you.



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