[ogg-dev] Announcing first release of liboggplay

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 07:18:29 PDT 2008

OggPlay 0.0.1 Release

liboggplay is a C library providing a simple programming interface for reading,
decoding and playing back Ogg files and streams. Ogg is an interleaving data
container developed by Monty at Xiph.Org, originally to support the Ogg Vorbis
audio format.

This release is available as a source tarball at:


This is an initial release.

The library is already in use by Mozilla to provide in-built support for
Ogg Theora in the HTML5 <video> tag.

About Oggplay

Oggplay comprises liboggplay and the command-line tool oggplay-info.

What is liboggplay designed to do?

There are several layers to a typical ogg playing application:
(1) Parsing of the ogg container format (handled by libogg and made usable by
    liboggz) and routing of packets
(2) Decoding of individual ogg packets (handled by libtheora, libvorbis,
    libfishsound, libcmml, etc. depending on contents)
(3) Maintenance of synchronisation between individual raw data streams
(4) Presentation of raw data to the user (via the screen / sound card / etc.)

liboggplay handles the first 3 layers for you, leaving just the actual
presentation for the application writer.

Full documentation of the liboggplay API, customization and installation,
and mux and demux examples can be read online at:



The Oggplay source tarball also contains the following command-line tools,
which are useful for debugging and testing Ogg bitstreams:

	* oggplay-info: Reads all tracks in a Ogg file, prints the total number
	  of frames of the Theora track and prints some decoding analysis info
	  per track.

Oggplay is Free Software, available under a BSD style license.

More information is available online at the Oggplay homepage:


enjoy :)

The Annodex Team

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