[ogg-dev] Seeking a maintainer for liboggplay

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 16:46:22 PDT 2008

To all you great C programmers out there who have been looking for a
chance to take on a really cool open source project in video:

liboggplay is a library that vastly simplifies the decoding and
playback of Ogg encapsulated audio-visual content for programmers. It
does everything apart from the actual display of audio and video and
has thus been selected as the thinnest library to provide support for
Ogg Theora/Vorbis in Firefox's new HTML5 <video> and <audio> tag

liboggplay is looking for a maintainer.

It needs somebody who is highly enthusiastic about open media codecs,
has experience in C programming, can compile and test liboggplay on
all major operating systems (probably set it up on a build farm) and
has enough time to react swiftly to the need of bug fixes. After all:
We don't want people's Firefoxes to choke on Ogg content, but rather
amaze them about how easy to handle and nicely integrated Ogg works on
the Web.

One of the next challenges for liboggplay is the implementation of
support for Ogg Dirac - the BBC's wavelet-based video codec. Mozilla,
would be very keen to get Dirac support into liboggplay and thus
diversify the open codecs supported in Firefox.

If you want to become the new maintainer for liboggplay, or want to
implement Ogg Dirac support into liboggplay, or do both, get in touch
with me and we'll get you set up.

liboggplay can be found here:
http://annodex.net/software/liboggplay/index.html .

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