[ogg-dev] metadata on the wiki

Daniel Aleksandersen aleksandersen+xiphlists at runbox.com
Fri Sep 14 07:27:31 PDT 2007

The biggest problem with Vorbis comments are too loose specifications and 
too little standardisation.

Another problem is attribution of involved parties. Currently only the 
ARTIST field name is supported in software. More standardised field names 
need to be worked out for organisations and persons involved in the 
production of the recording. See:

I have made a some suggestions, but as I have said earlier: Vorbis comments 
are no good when it comes to including information about musicans, labels, 
and other involved persons and organisations. A XML replacement to Vorbis 
comments would provide better mechanisms for defining this.

On Wednesday 12. September 2007 05:10:12 Conrad Parker wrote:
> On 12/09/2007, Ian Malone <ibmalone at gmail.com> wrote:
> > So wiki discussion on the new metadata format
> > is ongoing.  I'd like to move some things about
> > a bit.
> Hi Ian,
> I find the existing Metadata page a bit waffly, and I think we could
> improve it to be more constructive.
> Perhaps it should simply give a very brief introduction to how we
> approach metadata, and links to the various wiki pages relating to the
> various mechanisms and proposals.
> It seems that what we are working towards is a collection of mutually
> supportive mechanisms for storing metadata, rather than attempting
> some kind of "kitchen sink" solution. So, my concern is that we should
>  make that clear rather than giving the impression that the various
> "proposed solutions" are competing against each other.
> In hindsight, each of us seems to be concentrating on different
> aspects of "metadata", and encouraging co-operation based on loose
> coupling might be a good way forward.
> As an example, Ogg Skeleton and CMML were designed (after some trial
> and error) to be independent, ie. any Ogg stream can happily include
> only one or both depending on need, and without any expectation of
> overriding VorbisComment.
> New formats such as MDMF which fill a given need can be designed to
> usefully work alongside these existing mechanisms, and the scope of
> the Metadata wilki page should be to clarify the overall design.
Daniel Aleksandersen

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