[ogg-dev] Ogg stream URIs

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 13:18:48 PDT 2007

So, I thought I'd split off a few discussions from the
ongoing discussion of the details of a metadata format.
A few other things are needed in support, one of these
is a scheme for referring to IDs on Ogg files.

Curently there is CMML, you can refer to temporal
fragments at the stream level.  These may be CMML
IDs or time interval queries/fragments as in
This occurs at the physical bitstream level

In addition a metadata format requires a way to
refer to logical streams within a physical stream.
These could have IDs provided by Skeleton.  Any
scheme is potentially complicated by the
concatenation of physical streams into chains.

Finally, if you put XML into a logical Ogg stream,
elements within that XML may have IDs.  With CMML
this wasn't an issue, because it was implicit that
CMML operates at the physical stream level (as I
understand it doesn't even have to be muxed into
the stream itself) and the ID describes something
at the stream level.  Do we want to allow this and
how would it be handled?  Do we start going to
colon separated IDs?


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