[ogg-dev] The use for an XML based metadata format

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 16:30:25 PDT 2007

Daniel Aleksandersen wrote:
> On Monday 10. September 2007 23:39:50 Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
>> 2) we need a XML annotation format for audio - in particular for music
>> - that is more structured than vorbiscomment (and this probably
>> applies to video, too)
> It would have to apply to any kind of media.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by this.  Some of the
things suggested so far (musicians for example) are
obviously going to be music orientated.  If you mean it
has to be able to describe things you put in a Ogg stream
then yes it does.  However you have to pick what it is
you want to describe about them or you'll be there

(Scholarly analysis and criticism could probably be
omitted for the time being...)


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