[ogg-dev] .NET tagging library for ogg Vorbis

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 09:51:54 PDT 2007

On 21/03/07, Mathias Kunter <mathiaskunter at yahoo.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've mainly finished the native ogg Vorbis tagging .NET library. It already works well for
> reading and writing the vorbis comments for the files I tested. The library only rewrites
> the entire file if it has to, and adds 2 K padding in this case so that further changes of
> the comments won't make it nescessary to rewrite the whole file again. I found out
> foobar2000 also does it this way.

Sounds good.

> The lib should work with both multiplexed ogg files and single bitstream files. However,
> I've only tested it with single bitstream files so far. My question is therefore: can you
> point me to files which contain skeleton logical bitstreams or other multiplexed content
> so that I can test with these files too? Or can you tell me with which other programs I
> can create / edit them? Thanks!

You can just hack together a libogg app if all you want is a dummy
multiplexed stream. <http://creativecommons.org/> has some
Vorbis+Theora content,
<http://trac.annodex.net/wiki/OggSkeleton> has tools to
produce Skeleton tagged streams,
has a few Vorbis+packetized XML samples.


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