[ogg-dev] .NET tagging library for ogg Vorbis

Mathias Kunter mathiaskunter at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 21 06:34:11 PDT 2007


I've mainly finished the native ogg Vorbis tagging .NET library. It already works well for reading and writing the vorbis comments for the files I tested. The library only rewrites the entire file if it has to, and adds 2 K padding in this case so that further changes of the comments won't make it nescessary to rewrite the whole file again. I found out foobar2000 also does it this way.

The lib should work with both multiplexed ogg files and single bitstream files. However, I've only tested it with single bitstream files so far. My question is therefore: can you point me to files which contain skeleton logical bitstreams or other multiplexed content so that I can test with these files too? Or can you tell me with which other programs I can create / edit them? Thanks!

I'd like to release this lib as open source. It would be cool if you'd put it on the xiph.org site so that other people can use and test it as well (as long as it is in beta status). As soon as it's considered "stable", you could offer it as free .net library on xiph.org (if I'm right, you don't have such a library yet, right?)

Best regards.

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