[ogg-dev] Code for Ambisonics

Martin Leese martin.leese at stanfordalumni.org
Thu Mar 22 14:13:26 PDT 2007


I have posted this three times to the flac-dev,
vorbis-dev, and ogg-dev mailing lists.

I wanted to see what code there was currently
to support Ambisonics.  So I downloaded the
code from the xiph download page for
libogg-1.1.3, libvorbis-1.1.2, vorbis-tools-1.1.1
and flac-1.1.4, but wasn't able to find anything.

If it exists then  I missed it, so could somebody
please point me to it.

Many thanks,
Martin J Leese
E-mail: martin.leese at stanfordalumni.org
Web: http://members.tripod.com/martin_leese/

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