[ogg-dev] oggPCM for general data

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 01:26:15 PST 2006

Bill Johnson wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am building a data collection system that will ultimately have 28 
> channels
> and multi-rates up to 2 M/sec. I need some sort of lossless  format framing
> and header system to transfer the data to a desktop PC over USB. Rather 
> than
> reinvent, I looked around to see what others are using and for existing
> tools for testing. Surprisingly, I found few general purpose data formats
> that can handle many channels and high multi-rate data. However, ogg and
> oggPCM looks like a good fit. I have some questions getting started.
>   Is the oggPCM codec just header definition on a web page? Is anyone using
> it? I have not found the header file yet, does it exist?
>   Has anyone built libogg and/or liboggz using a cross compiler such as the
> arm-elf GNU port?
>   I am looking at using the oggz wrapper function due to the excellent
> documentation and examples. The configure-make works great on the desktop
> but I don't know if it could be easily switched over for an embedded 
> target.
> oggFLAC had a makefile.lite that looked geared toward embedded development
> but the FLAC library size was HUGE, plus other limits. I am hoping to fit
> executable on 128K of FLASH memory.
>   Thanks for any advice.
> +BillJ

Yes, it sounds like FLAC isn't what you want, especially as it's
geared to audio compression and mightn't cope well with other data.
OggPCM files do exist,
That message also suggests Illiminable's DirectShow filters work
with oggPCM too, so there'll be code somewhere to produce the header,
but I don't think there's a Xiph implementation if that's what you're
looking for.

Don't know about the cross-compiling/embedded aspect, sorry.

<meta if OggPCM is regarded as stable, then it needs a link from the
www.xiph.org front page, and possibly a static .html so people aren't
put off by the fact they're looking at a wiki />


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