[ogg-dev] oggPCM for general data

Bill Johnson bill7007 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 22:37:15 PST 2006

I am building a data collection system that will ultimately have 28 channels
and multi-rates up to 2 M/sec. I need some sort of lossless  format framing
and header system to transfer the data to a desktop PC over USB. Rather than
reinvent, I looked around to see what others are using and for existing
tools for testing. Surprisingly, I found few general purpose data formats
that can handle many channels and high multi-rate data. However, ogg and
oggPCM looks like a good fit. I have some questions getting started.
   Is the oggPCM codec just header definition on a web page? Is anyone using
it? I have not found the header file yet, does it exist?
   Has anyone built libogg and/or liboggz using a cross compiler such as the
arm-elf GNU port?
   I am looking at using the oggz wrapper function due to the excellent
documentation and examples. The configure-make works great on the desktop
but I don't know if it could be easily switched over for an embedded target.
oggFLAC had a makefile.lite that looked geared toward embedded development
but the FLAC library size was HUGE, plus other limits. I am hoping to fit
executable on 128K of FLASH memory.
   Thanks for any advice.
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