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Arc arc at Xiph.org
Fri Nov 11 01:50:17 PST 2005

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 05:29:52PM +0800, illiminable wrote:
> (quote:"and thus the subject of FourCC labeling in OggStream's native video 
> interchange formats is closed.")
> ... doesn't sound like community debate to me.
> Maybe i missed the meeting where you became god here. If you are going to 
> make claims that you somehow are in charge here, please do it on the list.

OggPCM and OggYUV are projects I initiated and maintain as a subset of the 
OggStream project.  I opened them to feedback from the wider Xiph community, 
require that they be supported by the maintainers of other Xiph projects who 
will be effected by them, and seek a rough consensus among knowledgeable 
parties.  However, I am setting guidelines for design decidions and, if a rough
consensus cannot be reached between competing concepts, I am the one to make the 
end decidion regarding their design.

Since you want to make a public display of your behavior, I'll be equally as 
public: your continued disrespectful behavior toward myself and, through 
displaying it in a public forum on lists.xiph.org, the Xiph community, must 
stop.  I encourage you to provide technical input toward design decidions as 
long as you can do so respectfully, but do not continue your current behavior.


The recognition of individual possibility,
 to allow each to be what she and he can be,
  rests inherently upon the availability of knowledge;
 The perpetuation of ignorance is the beginning of slavery.

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