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illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Fri Nov 11 01:29:52 PST 2005

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> On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 04:53:46PM +0800, illiminable wrote:
>> Yes... sorry to reply to your sickening post with something directly 
>> aimed
>> at you, but it has to be said, and i'm not going to pussy-foot around it.
> This is your second warning in a week.

I don't recall anyone giving me a warning. I do remember receiving a rant 
from you, about how you are somehow top-tier design guru here

(quote:"You know as well as I do that within the group of people developing 
the overarching Ogg framework (namely, myself and Monty)")

, and that

(quote:"and thus the subject of FourCC labeling in OggStream's native video 
interchange formats is closed.")

... doesn't sound like community debate to me.

Maybe i missed the meeting where you became god here. If you are going to 
make claims that you somehow are in charge here, please do it on the list.


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