[ogg-dev] OggPCM version / header finalization

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+xiph at mega-nerd.com
Thu Nov 10 12:03:51 PST 2005

John Koleszar wrote:

> I have OggPCM (as currently defined) support implemented in mencoder and 
> mplayer. I'd like to request that we settle on modifications to this 
> header by the middle of next week or freeze the current header as the 
> official major version 1.0, so I can get the patches cleaned up and 
> released.

One week is very little time to get public comment from other 
interested parties.

> We will be shipping a separate product based on this work in 
> the near-term future, and compatability with a community standard is a 
> desired bullet.

Please edit the wiki and remove the original Format and make the Alternative
Format the only format. The original Format has been superceded.

I also haven't figured out whether this header is included in every ogg 
packet or just the stream. From what I know of the Ogg container format
the stream cannot be decoded if the file header is lost. Therefore adding 
header data to each packet is just redundant.

There is also no discussion on the wiki on how data is packed into an
ogg packet. A sensible constrain would be that an ogg packet cannot
be constructed with a partial frame (ie the samples for all channels 
for a single sampling period).

I repeat, we need to correct and complete the spec, remove all 
contradictory and/or wrong information and then ask for comments from

  Erik de Castro Lopo
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