[ogg-dev] Raw/general purpose Ogg based container format?

Arc arc at Xiph.org
Mon Nov 7 11:27:56 PST 2005

On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 02:20:22PM -0500, John Koleszar wrote:
> Does anyone know of a ogg based container format that would be 
> appropriate for holding raw AV data? I'm specifically interested in PCM 
> audio, and uncompressed YV12 and RGB32 video. Basically looking to use 
> it as a lightweight tool interchange format, generally muxed by mencoder 
> and read/modified by other utilities. Has something like this been done 
> already?

I've actually done OggPCM and OggYUV420 as an interchange format through 
OggStream, something in Ogg packets (which could be muxed into a full Ogg 
stream) and which could be used as a storage format, should such a need be made, 
though it's intended as a time-stamped and synced av method for input/output.

I can give you the specs for what I've done so far.  You're more than welcome to 
suggest tweaks since nothing is public yet, and RGB32 is something you could 
implement along the same lines since you've found a need for it.

> I'm aware of OGM, and of the philosophical differences involved. 
> However, it does seem to meet the technical requirements, so I'd be 
> interested to hear arguments for and against adopting it.

It can be done easier and more simply with Ogg, vs Ogg + FourCC.


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