[ogg-dev] Raw/general purpose Ogg based container format?

John Koleszar jkoleszar at on2.com
Mon Nov 7 12:25:40 PST 2005

Arc wrote:

>I've actually done OggPCM and OggYUV420 as an interchange format through 
>OggStream, something in Ogg packets (which could be muxed into a full Ogg 
>stream) and which could be used as a storage format, should such a need be made, 
>though it's intended as a time-stamped and synced av method for input/output.
>I can give you the specs for what I've done so far.  You're more than welcome to 
>suggest tweaks since nothing is public yet, and RGB32 is something you could 
>implement along the same lines since you've found a need for it.
Definitely sounds like something I'd like to see. The OggPCM stuff I 
found on the Wiki looks like it's designed with the same philosophy I 
had in mind, so I think we're on the right track. What are some good 
resources to look at for OggStream? I haven't been following this dev 
community very closely, and the only thing I could gather from google 
was that is was something like gstreamer.

>It can be done easier and more simply with Ogg, vs Ogg + FourCC.
Does OggYUV420 and the hypothetical OggRGB32 do away with the concept of 
a FourCC alltogether? My thinking is that the metadata describing each 
frame (geometry, offsets, etc) should basically be the same for most 
formats, so the headers for the two packets would be basically the same, 
and the FourCC provides a well defined way of describing the data 
itself, so it seems like a valuable thing to keep. While I'm only 
interested in RGB32 and YV12 now, I do a lot of work with some of the 
other 4:2:2 packed formats, so being able to support those formats 
easily in the future is a valuable design goal.


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