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the issue is that when logged in there is a default time out usually set 
for 600 seconds/5 minutes before inactivity disconnects the user.

check the config file for Time-Out or Inactivity setting

I also agree that it sounds like a network hickup

On 3/22/22 07:14, Philipp Schafft wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> On Tue, 2022-03-22 at 11:45 +0000, Richard Bartholomew wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We're running V2.4.4 on Ubuntu 21.0.
>> Last night, whilst one of our presenters was broadcasting their show,
>> they were disconnected and unable to re-connect for around five
>> minutes and kept getting the message that they were connected even
>> though they weren't but our fallback autodj system was successfully
>> playing during that period!
>> I found the following message in the error log for the time in
>> question and wonder if anyone can advise me, please, on what I need
>> to do to prevent this in the future...as far as I'm aware, it's the
>> first time it has happened!
>> WARN source/get_next_buffer Disconnecting source due to socket
>> timeout
>> Thanks for any help with this.
> generally speaking the above warning is reported if a source does stop
> sending data. Normally this indicates that there is one of a) something
> wrong with the source client, b) some network problem.
> Generally speaking if nobody altered the source client it is b). Which
> I would also feel like it likely is that because of it taking a few
> minutes to recover but not too long.
> If it does not happen again I would just consider it a random network
> hiccup.
> However if you feel like there really needs to be something done about
> it there are a few first things to look at. Order and importance of the
> items really depend on your parameters:
>   * Network quality (e.g. wired, not wireless), maybe some line provider
>     that offers a availability focused SLA
>   * Training for all involved admins (e.g. to learn if an software
>     update may have an impact or not), keeping all teams informed on
>     maintenance, ...
>   * Redundancy. Which may include a second source client but also a
>     second line.
> Hope that helps. :)
> With best regards,
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