[Icecast] log rotation

Milton Huang mph at emotrics.com
Fri Mar 25 23:24:18 UTC 2022

I've been having some issues on a new server I set up with the names of my
access.log and error.log files. I use the default names


And the logs are created properly, but with names access.log.1
and error.log.1. access.log and error.log are present, but always zero
length. This didn't happen with my last server (although that was with
version 2.4.4 and I'm now using source compiled adding in Commit
52634884 that Fixes EPIPEs on TLS clients). The only other change was I
added a line:


to the logrotate.d/icecast file as I need to be able to read the last two
files and didn't want error.log.1 to be compressed. Is this a bug, or am I
missing something basic about log rotation?

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