[Icecast] Multiple mountpoints and ports

kit therealkitman at iinet.net.au
Wed Jun 16 00:19:10 UTC 2021

Hi Geoff,

My use case is that I have put an icecast server in the cloud. I want to 
stream my stuff on one port and let my friend stream their stuff on a 
different port. I would worry that if they accidentally entered the same 
port as mine in the source client (eg Mixxx) - eg 
http://serverip:8000/mystream8000 and 
http://serverip:8000/friendsstream8001- it would screw up both our streams.

Basically I'm looking at this like a safety mechanism, particularly if I 
want to add a 3rd stream for another friend.



On 14/6/21 6:00 pm, Geoff Shang wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jun 2021, kit wrote:
>> Is it possible to assign specific ports to mountpoints in such a way 
>> that stream8001 can't use port 8000 but only work on port 8001?
> I don't think so.
> YOu can set up mount aliases that are port-specific but I don't know 
> of a way of preventing access to other mounts.
> So for example, you could put your streams on stream1 and stream2 and 
> set up an alias called stream8000 which specifies port
> 8000 to point to stream1, and an alias stream8001 which is specific to 
> port 8001 which points to stream2.
> Then you could publicise the aliases and hide the original mounts so 
> in theory no-one should find them.  But I don't think that you'd be 
> able to prevent access to stream1 or stream2 on either port if someone 
> actually did find them.
> I'm curious to know what your use case is.
> Cheers,
> Geoff.
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