[Icecast] Prefered way to check if mountpoint is in use

Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Fri Dec 10 00:27:20 UTC 2021

Good evening,

On Thu, 2021-12-09 at 23:39 +0100, tyctor wrote:
> hi icecast masters
> i have question what is prefered way to check if icecast mount point
> is in use. what i want to achieve is to start source ezstream as soon
> as mount point is free.
> probably i have two choices:
>  - check icecast status and parse response

Parsing the status page is *always* *wrong*. If you you would want to
access status data just use the API.

>  - connect directly to omunt point with PUT request and check if
> icecast response is "Mountpoint in use"

This is the 'correct' way. There is no point in checking first beside
creating an extra race condition and more ways for the check to go
wrong. ;)

> which way is prefered? or is there another way how to do it?

Generally I would suggest to have a look at <on-disconnect>,
"mount_remove" option for URL auth, as well as the "source-disconnect"
event (Icecast 2.5.x).

Those can provide triggers.

However keep in mind that Icecast is multi-threaded as well as your
operating is multi-tasking so it might take a few extra milliseconds
before the mountpoint is ready to be mounted again.

> is ok if i repeat this check once per second?

Icecast can work with that. But see above.

> i have also defined fallback mount point to avoid client
> disconnections where short loop is still playing is it proper way how
> i doing it?

I just wonder why not just send the backup signal to the fallback all
the time.

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