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Christian 'flash2' Fladung cf at it-flash.de
Wed Dec 8 14:00:57 UTC 2021

Hello, mailinglist 'icecast'.

I have a question about my favourite player that is implemented like 

<audio controls>
   <source src="http://flashnet.it-flash.de:8000/primergy.ogg [1]" 
   <!-- fallback for non supporting browsers goes here -->
   <p>Your browser does not support HTML5 audio, but you can still
      <a href="https://necta.it-flash.de [2]">download the music</a>.</p>
And shown on https://www2.it-flash.de

This is normally the standard way how to play audio in the browser via 
player controls.
So my question is for now: Why does it not work without a fresh cache?
On my Smartphones it only plays about 4 hours without disturb, when I 
even have rebooted the device freshly.
On PC there IT is the same problem, but in my opinion IT may depend on 
cache, too.
After the 6. second there is then the stream broken.
At first I thought, it is something with the buffer size.
But I had changed IT from small to big (don't remember the count) and IT 
didn't no difference.
Now I've thought that IT is something with "no-https" in modern browsers 
like firefox and chrome.
Their browser (chrome for eg.) does only work with valid https in this 
case (with standard player)
But I tested it with https and cert from Lets Encrypt and it didnt work, 

Some ideas?
When the stream on top, these two players are started (once is started, 
yes), then I have to wait 6seconds.
When it does 6seconds, it makes half an hour allwayys then, too. Which 
is desired.
I really think, that another player which works differently should 
help... But I don't know which. ;-)

Pleasant thanks, &

MfG, Christian 'flash' Fladung



Kinder und Greise fabeln. Die ersten, weil ihr Verstand [4] die 
Herrschaft über die Phantasie noch nicht gewonnen, die zweiten, weil er 
sie verloren hat.


[1] view-source:http://flashnet.it-flash.de:8000/primergy.ogg
[2] view-source:https://necta.it-flash.de/
[4] http://zitate.net/verstand-zitate
[5] https://lab.spacecourt.org/13_-_ace_2__feat._makke_.mp3
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