[Icecast] multiple instances?

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Hello, Marvin Scholz,

ahh finally someone who speaks plainly.

======= At 2019-09-09, 08:38:35 you wrote: =======

>Hi, let me clarify some things as I think there is some
>confusion here:
>Icecast only uses one config file, which can be specified
>during startup of icecast with the -c command line flag,
>for example:
>icecast -c /usr/local/etc/icecast.xml
>On window this is taken care of by the icecast.bat file, and
>it will use the icecast.xml, there is no second config file.

I really gotta wonder why it was even there in the first place then.. :/

>In order to have multiple streams you do not need to configure
>anything special in the config, all you need to do is start a
>second stream with a different mount point name in your
>broadcast software. No two instances of icecast are needed.

shouldn't the server (icecast) software need something to separate the two streams?
I mean one is rock and the other blues.  Logically one would assume it would require SOMETHING to separate the two for broadcast.

>You only need to explicitly configure mount points in the
>config file, if you need specific configuration for that,
>like a different source password or such.

>Of course if your broadcast software does not support Icecast
>but just SHOUTcast, things are more complex as SHOUTcast had no
>concept of different streams on the same server.

I've run icecast on both SAM and Winamp (with DNAS) with no problem, until I try doing more than one icecast broadcast. :/

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