[Icecast] multiple instances?

Marvin Scholz epirat07 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 12:38:23 UTC 2019

Hi, let me clarify some things as I think there is some
confusion here:

Icecast only uses one config file, which can be specified
during startup of icecast with the -c command line flag,
for example:

icecast -c /usr/local/etc/icecast.xml

On window this is taken care of by the icecast.bat file, and
it will use the icecast.xml, there is no second config file.

In order to have multiple streams you do not need to configure
anything special in the config, all you need to do is start a
second stream with a different mount point name in your
broadcast software. No two instances of icecast are needed.

You only need to explicitly configure mount points in the
config file, if you need specific configuration for that,
like a different source password or such.

Of course if your broadcast software does not support Icecast
but just SHOUTcast, things are more complex as SHOUTcast had no
concept of different streams on the same server.

On 9 Sep 2019, at 13:31, wilderzone.radio.2 wrote:

> Hello, unosonic,
> Actually that IS one of the 2 config files being used. (This one named 
> icecast.xml)
> (so far, oddly enough, NO ONE has mentioned the usage of the 2nd 
> config file by name of icecast_run.xml)
> ======= At 2019-09-09, 08:20:24 you wrote: =======
>> wilderzone.radio.2:
>>> Hello, unosonic,
>>> Okay, we'll do it this way as it appears to be the only sane way...
>>> THIS is the xml config file that I've been using for ONE STREAM 
>>> ONLY.
>> but it's not the config file you're using actually at your site.
>> can't find any mountpoint called /rock ...
>> there must be another one...
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