[Icecast] multiple instances?

unosonic un at aporee.org
Mon Sep 9 08:54:05 UTC 2019

> >What is the use case that you are trying to address? Icecast is well
> >suited to running multiple streams in parallel and offers complex
> >configuration options for many use cases.
> Well the "case" or as others would call it "use"  is that one stream is strictly rock format, the other stream is blues format - I prefer to keep the 2 as separate streams.
> So far, I've not been able to get to see a configuration with more than one stream configuration. I'm hoping somewhere someone has an example file that I can examine. (hopefully with some comments in the file to denote what the heck is going on)

no need for more than one icecast runnig
just create as many mount-sections as you want. 

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