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Hello, unosonic,

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>> >What is the use case that you are trying to address? Icecast is well
>> >suited to running multiple streams in parallel and offers complex
>> >configuration options for many use cases.
>> Well the "case" or as others would call it "use"  is that one stream is strictly rock format, the other stream is blues format - I prefer to keep the 2 as separate streams.
>> So far, I've not been able to get to see a configuration with more than one stream configuration. I'm hoping somewhere someone has an example file that I can examine. (hopefully with some comments in the file to denote what the heck is going on)

>no need for more than one icecast runnig
>just create as many mount-sections as you want. 

Again, I need an example that I can read. Not a page full of information overload that may or may not address the issue at hand. 
I do not wish to have to read an encyclopedia to discover out a simple answer.

for example do I have to create an ENTIRELY NEW SECTION in the config file  (which will probably create a problem in configs if it's referencing the same section name twice)

There is a LOT of stuff on that page... care to either shave it down to ONE specific line (or function enabling) or shrug me off to someone who can answer the question without making it even more confusing?

I should tell you that I've only been successful with this program as it comes "out of the box" - any other port won't work for the single working instance (at least it hasn't yet).

Let's drop the "geek speak" and geek attitudes here and try to speak normal english as I don't speak any other form of english.

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