[Icecast] Bad or missing password on mount modification admin request

Damian db76 at riseup.net
Tue Apr 23 12:45:15 UTC 2019


I am currently running Icecast 2.4.4 on Debian stretch and am using the info from the status-json.xsl to display some stats on my radio webpage. This works well. 

On the same website, I have also managed to display listener stats. I looks like this https://systrum.net/listeners.png
To get this data, my developer created a php script containing the icecast admin credentials so that I can use the listeners’ IP and agent info to display their location and duration the are connected for. It works as it should, but I do see occasional messages in the icecast error log like the one below.

INFO admin/admin_handle_request Bad or missing password on mount modification admin request (command: listclients.xsl)
EROR connection/_handle_connection Wrong request type from client

Icecast doesn’t seem to be affected by this but I would like a second opinion or any pointers on the best action to take to rectify this issue. Any help would be appreciated.


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