[Icecast] Bad or missing password on mount modification admin request

Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Tue Apr 23 14:25:55 UTC 2019

Good afternoon,

On Tue, 2019-04-23 at 22:45 +1000, Damian wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently running Icecast 2.4.4 on Debian stretch and am using
> the info from the status-json.xsl to display some stats on my radio
> webpage. This works well. 
> On the same website, I have also managed to display listener stats. I
> looks like this https://systrum.net/listeners.png
> To get this data, my developer created a php script containing the
> icecast admin credentials so that I can use the listeners’ IP and
> agent info to display their location and duration the are connected
> for. It works as it should, but I do see occasional messages in the
> icecast error log like the one below.


> INFO admin/admin_handle_request Bad or missing password on mount
> modification admin request (command: listclients.xsl)

This (very likely) just means that your script does correct requests
with the first request being without credentials and the second one
with. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

> EROR connection/_handle_connection Wrong request type from client

This is a bit strange. It means that a client tries methods not
understood by Icecast. However that is likely OPTIONS requests by
browsers or maybe also by your script. Icecast 2.4.4 does not support
OPTIONS (Icecast 2.5.x does). So this is also expected.

Maybe you can have look at your access.log and see if there is any
client matching that time. The log should indicate which method the
client is using.

> Icecast doesn’t seem to be affected by this but I would like a second
> opinion or any pointers on the best action to take to rectify this
> issue. Any help would be appreciated.

As said above it is likely not an issue but what is actually to expect.
So no need to worry about it. :)

With best regards,

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