[Icecast] Question about replacing the web interface with an audio stream

John Molane icq8852 at fastmail.com
Sun Apr 7 16:43:41 UTC 2019


I was wondering if someone here could help me out.

I have a domain that I'm using for Icecast, let's use "domain.com" as an example. Icecast is running on port 80. The problem is that when I go to "domain.com" in my web browser, it brings up the web interface.
I want to configure it so that instead of showing the status page, it immediately goes to one of my mountpoints. This would make it so people don't have to remember the full path to the mountpoint.

Is this possible? I apologize if I'm overlooking something simple. This doesn't seem to be a very common way of using Icecast.

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