[Icecast] YP Directory Listing Concern

Thomas B. Rücker thomas at ruecker.fi
Thu Apr 4 13:01:51 UTC 2019


On 4/4/19 1:44 AM, Prince Naryk wrote:
> Hi there, 
> Im sorry I wasn't able to turn on my server that's why you were not
> able to find it on the yp list.
> my other concern also, I can now see my stream on the YP list and then
> few minutes later it will disappear from the list and then back again
> on the list,
> although my stream is still running, I can still open my icecast admin
> page.

*Let me at this point quote the first reply in this thread:*

Please refer to this bit of documentation (not yet in the released
documentation at this time):


It describes the process in great detail, so that you should be able to
figure things out by yourself quickly.

*Specifically the section on troubleshooting advises:*

As with all Icecast problems, the error log is the goto place to start. If necessary temporary increase the log level to 4 (debug) and reload the Icecast config. All relevant messages will contain YP. Especially those messages that tell you that something failed will contain important hints and or messages from the YP server. If your entry submission is directly rejected the server will tell why, if your entry gets delisted after submission, then you will see updates/touches fail. Depending on the YP server the stream reachability check will be deferred, so you will see a successful initial submission, but if your stream is found to be unreachable it will be delisted and updates will fail. Please note that YP directories will check both IPv6 and IPv4 availability of streams. See the list of common misconfigurations for further hints. 

I'm reasonably sure that you are on a residential Internet connection
that from time to time changes its public IPv4 address. Advertising your
"business" at an address where it no longer "lives" doesn't work and
listings get removed. For such reasons we strongly recommend to use host
names resolvable in public DNS. The keyword is "dynamic DNS", please
read up about it and implement it, it is out of the scope of this
mailing list.

Please read and follow the documentation. Asking questions that are
clearly answered by the documentation is rude and shows a lack of
respect for the time and effort of the people trying to help you.



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