[Icecast] Icecast-asterisk streaming delay

Jake jake at jakebriggs.com
Fri Nov 16 02:34:50 UTC 2018

What is the end user using to stream? Is this issue the same with different end user software?

For some reason, Kodi seems to take 10-20 seconds to start streaming my personal icecast but any other client seems fine.

---- Gopinath Reddy wrote ----

>Hi Experts,
>I am using icecast to stream the audio from asterisk server.
>we using asterisk voip server for emergency announcement for user
>extensions which are associated with that server.
>During emergency announcement if any one of user is offline or their
>application running in background he will not listen announcement.
>To overcome this, we are streaming the same announcement to icecast and
>from there even offline user can listen announcement using icecast mount
>point url. But offline user facing latency around 25~30 seconds compared to
>original announcement reached to online user via asterisk.
>Could you please help me out to minimize this latency when announcement
>path like asterisk ---> icecast--->icecast mount-->offline user.
>Thanks in advance.
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