[Icecast] Icecast-asterisk streaming delay

Gopinath Reddy avgopi08 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 02:21:43 UTC 2018

Hi Experts,

I am using icecast to stream the audio from asterisk server.

we using asterisk voip server for emergency announcement for user
extensions which are associated with that server.

During emergency announcement if any one of user is offline or their
application running in background he will not listen announcement.

To overcome this, we are streaming the same announcement to icecast and
from there even offline user can listen announcement using icecast mount
point url. But offline user facing latency around 25~30 seconds compared to
original announcement reached to online user via asterisk.

Could you please help me out to minimize this latency when announcement
path like asterisk ---> icecast--->icecast mount-->offline user.

Thanks in advance.

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