[Icecast] help on listener connection stats

Jeroen van Oosten jvoosten at bankai.nl
Sat Apr 15 19:56:45 UTC 2017


On 15-04-17 15:19, Chris Howard wrote:
> Hi,
> I see two statistics on the admin web page.
> On my system "listeners" is usually 0.  Sometimes I will
> actually catch it at 1 or 2, but it is 0 99% of the time.

That is the current number of listeners.

> On the other hand "listener_connections" is always
> going up.  If I refresh the screen it goes up by a few.
> If I wait an hour and refresh it goes up by tens.
> Over a few days it goes up by hundreds.
> What is this telling me?
That is the total number of times somebody connected to your stream. If
your restart your icecast server you will see that the number drops back
to zero. In itself it is not a very useful number, IMO.

> In pursuit of this question I started looking at the
> logs a little bit.  I see a lot of connections
> happening, particular from a Bose Streaming Service
> (something like that) which can show 5-6 log entries
> in one second.  What's up with that?
Is your station listed in a directory of online radio stations? It could
be someone is trying to connect to your stream with their home system or
internet radio, but failing to stream it (perhaps it doesn't understand
your encoding format).


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