[Icecast] a dedicated audio encoder

Maarten S maartensvo at live.nl
Thu Jan 22 12:43:34 UTC 2015


In our design of Icecast2, our multiple sources will stream their high quality audio via a dedicated audio encoder (not a computer):

Live audio > L+R microphone > pre amplifier > audio encoder > Icecast2 VPS

So far I have a shortlist of 4 possible brands of audio encoders: Sonifex PS-SEND, Barix Instreamer, Bric-Link, Outcaster OC100.

All have their pro's and cons. My main requirements are Mount specific authentication (username & password) & Balanced XLR analogue input. A very hard to get combination, as most encoders only support the Icecast2 Source authentication (this password is applicable for all mounts).

Only the Outcaster also supports the Mount specific authentication, but has no balanced analogue audio input.

Is anyone having positive or negative experience with these or other brands, or perhaps even built one yourself (Raspberry..)?

Thanks and best regards,


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