[Icecast] a dedicated audio encoder

Marius Flage marius at flage.org
Thu Jan 22 13:34:37 UTC 2015


I've just set up Raspberry Pi with external USB soundcard and the
Darkice encoder. Seems to be working just fine (25% CPU utilization).
Check this for a writeup on that:


- Marius

On 01/22/2015 01:43 PM, Maarten S wrote:
> Hi,
> In our design of Icecast2, our multiple sources will stream their high
> quality audio via a dedicated audio encoder (not a computer):
> Live audio > L+R microphone > pre amplifier > audio encoder > Icecast2 VPS
> So far I have a shortlist of 4 possible brands of audio encoders:
> Sonifex PS-SEND, Barix Instreamer, Bric-Link, Outcaster OC100.
> All have their pro's and cons. My main requirements are Mount specific
> authentication (username & password) & Balanced XLR analogue input. A
> very hard to get combination, as most encoders only support the Icecast2
> Source authentication (this password is applicable for all mounts).
> Only the Outcaster also supports the Mount specific authentication, but
> has no balanced analogue audio input.
> Is anyone having positive or negative experience with these or other
> brands, or perhaps even built one yourself (Raspberry..)?
> Thanks and best regards,
> Maarten
> Netherlands
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