[Icecast] listener authentication

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Wed Feb 18 07:30:38 UTC 2015

On 02/17/2015 12:09 AM, Ron Harmon wrote:
> Thomas,
> Sorry to be a pain, but I'm still getting errors when I start Icecast.
> StartingIcecast 2.4.1
> Using config "icecast.xml" from installation directory ...
> Please open http://localhost:8000 or in your web
> browser t
> o see the web interface.
> [2015-02-16  18:49:49] WARN auth_htpasswd/auth_htpasswd.c failed to check
> status
>  of myauth
> I have attached a copy of my xml file.

There are a couple of things wrong with that.
* The hostname is NOT an URL. If you don't plan to list on dir.xiph.org,
leave it as "localhost" and ignore the warning.
* example.m3u is wrong, as pointed out by Philipp

I've attached a cleaned up icecast.xml file. With everything unused
removed. I've renamed /example.m3u to /example. This will only work if
you plan to stream mp3, if you stream any other codec then it needs the
respective "customary filename extension". Else it will confuse player
software. For Ogg/vorbis it would be /example.ogg and for Opus it would
be /example.opus

I'd suggest you complete the steps I pointed out earlier (connect a
source client to the right mountpoint and then go to admin interface!).


> Thanks!
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> On 02/16/2015 03:08 PM, Ron Harmon wrote:
>> Thanks for your quick reply.
>> I am looking at htpasswd. I am using 2.41 on Windows 7 with BUTT.
>> I have read the documentation but I don't understand where to enter 
>> this in the config file.
>> |<mount>
>> 	<mount-name>/example.ogg</mount-name>
>> 	<authentication type="htpasswd">
>> 		<option name="filename" value="myauth"/>
>> 		<option name="allow_duplicate_users" value="0"/>
>> 	</authentication>
>> </mount>|
> You could paste it in the default windows config right below this:
>     <!-- Mountpoints
>          Only define <mount> sections if you want to use advanced options,
>          like alternative usernames or passwords
>     -->
> Just make sure to NOT put it inside a <!-- --> section. Because then it
> would get ignored.
> A good editor for the Icecast config would be notepad++, as it nicely
> highlights what's active (blue/red) and what's commented out (green).
> http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
> You can then connect (re)start Icecast, then the source client and proceed
> to the admin interface to edit authentication settings.
> In case of "/example.ogg" this would be:
> http://localhost:8000/admin/manageauth.xsl?mount=/example.ogg
> (Please note that this is only available while a  source client is running
> on that mountpoint!)
> On Windows the file "myauth" gets automatically created after adding the
> first user, in the Icecast installation directory, right next to the config
> file.
> On Linux/Unix/OSX it would need a bit more checking. Actually on Windows
> too, but only if you'd run Icecast as a service and under a different user…
> Cheers
> Thomas
>> On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 8:18 AM, "Thomas B. Rücker" <thomas at ruecker.fi 
>> <mailto:thomas at ruecker.fi>> wrote:
>>     On 02/16/2015 12:24 PM, Ron Harmon wrote:
>>     > I cannot for the life of me get listener authentication to work.
>>     > Would it be possible to send me a complete xml file that has
>>     listener
>>     > authentication setup?
>>     Which kind of listener authentication are you looking for?
>>     - htpasswd file based
>>     - URL auth backend based
>>     I would recommend htpasswd if you are a beginner and want
>>     something simple.
>>     What OS/Distro is this on?
>>     Which version of Icecast?
>>     Have you tried looking at the documentation?
>> http://icecast.org/docs/icecast-2.4.1/auth.html#htpasswd-listener-auth
>> entication
>>     Why I can't just "send a xml file" is, because this depends on a few
>>     things on your system. The questions I posed will help me or others to
>>     give you guidance to get it working correctly though.
>>     Cheers
>>     Thomas

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