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Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Tue Feb 17 14:16:49 UTC 2015


On Mon, 2015-02-16 at 19:09 -0500, Ron Harmon wrote:
> Thomas,
> Sorry to be a pain, but I'm still getting errors when I start Icecast.
> StartingIcecast 2.4.1
> Using config "icecast.xml" from installation directory ...
> Please open http://localhost:8000 or in your web
> browser t
> o see the web interface.
> [2015-02-16  18:49:49] WARN auth_htpasswd/auth_htpasswd.c failed to check
> status
>  of myauth

Have you created the file?
If not, does server startup work fine? Go to the admin interface with
your browser and after you connected a source the mount should show up.
In that listing there is a link to manage the authentication. If you add
a initial user the file should be created automagically.

> I have attached a copy of my xml file.

By the way: You set <mount-name>/example.m3u</mount-name>. This is a bit
strange for a mount point. .m3u are playlist files. Did you maybe mean

> Thanks!
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> On 02/16/2015 03:08 PM, Ron Harmon wrote:
> > Thanks for your quick reply.
> > I am looking at htpasswd. I am using 2.41 on Windows 7 with BUTT.
> > I have read the documentation but I don't understand where to enter 
> > this in the config file.
> > |<mount>
> > 	<mount-name>/example.ogg</mount-name>
> > 	<authentication type="htpasswd">
> > 		<option name="filename" value="myauth"/>
> > 		<option name="allow_duplicate_users" value="0"/>
> > 	</authentication>
> > </mount>|
> >
> You could paste it in the default windows config right below this:
>     <!-- Mountpoints
>          Only define <mount> sections if you want to use advanced options,
>          like alternative usernames or passwords
>     -->
> Just make sure to NOT put it inside a <!-- --> section. Because then it
> would get ignored.
> A good editor for the Icecast config would be notepad++, as it nicely
> highlights what's active (blue/red) and what's commented out (green).
> http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
> You can then connect (re)start Icecast, then the source client and proceed
> to the admin interface to edit authentication settings.
> In case of "/example.ogg" this would be:
> http://localhost:8000/admin/manageauth.xsl?mount=/example.ogg
> (Please note that this is only available while a  source client is running
> on that mountpoint!)
> On Windows the file "myauth" gets automatically created after adding the
> first user, in the Icecast installation directory, right next to the config
> file.
> On Linux/Unix/OSX it would need a bit more checking. Actually on Windows
> too, but only if you'd run Icecast as a service and under a different user

 (Rah of PH2)
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