[Icecast] Password authentication problem with IOS and Android HTML5

Simon Blandford simon at bkconnect.net
Tue Nov 18 06:55:00 PST 2014


I have been using password protected MP3 streams for a number of years 
but I've hit against a problem. Neither Android or recent versions of 
IOS work with password protected MP3 streams.

Now Android has dropped Flash, IOS doesn't work any more and more and 
more people expect to use their mobile devices to hear the streams. This 
is getting difficult.

I know this isn't a problem with Icecast. I have filed a bug report to 
the Android issue tracker here with a test stream to illustrate the 
problem. If you have any Android or IOS devices feel free to try.

I am just curious if anyone else has encountered this problem and if 
there are any known work-arounds to make it work.


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